Stropping Abrasive Powder Set 7 2ml Glass Jars

Leather Strop Abrasive Powder Set 7 Glass Jars 2ml Silicone 90 Grit Silicone 280 Grit Silicone 600 Grit Silicone 1500 Grit Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Micro Fine Polish Cerium Oxide Micro Fine. Put a little oil or grease on that strop and pour a little of this and you have a razor edge. Around $3.00 a jar sold in sets like this only. Depending on the size of your strop each one of these is enough to charge it a few times. You may however need seven strops to make a seven step finish on the blade or tool. I mix the Cerium Oxide and Aluminum Oxide Polish together on mine. Then I mix the Aluminum Oxide 220 Grit with the Silicone 280 Grit on another strop. The other powders have a separate strop.
Stropping Abrasive Powder Set 7 2ml Glass Jars
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